Monday, October 21, 2013


Kim and I are greatly privileged to have a dear friend and brother in Christ in the person of Vernon Costolo from way down in Canton, Georgia. To list the godly qualities of this bold, yet gentle, dedicated servant of Christ would take up more space than this blog can allow at this moment as that is not the intent of this post. This is not about Vernon, though he does play a vital part in this story.

What I want to do here, however, is to point you to Vernon's blog, Proclaiming the Truth, and encourage you to read a post that he didn't even write. It is an article written by a brother in Christ and a relatively new friend of his named Ryan Ensor.

Whether or not you have ever taken up a message bearing cross and stood in public with it as a means of Christian witness, I believe you will thoroughly enjoy reading Ryan's first person account of his experience leading up to his first time standing in public as a fool for Christ.

If you have ever experienced any kind of apprehension in any kind of witnessing for Christ, I believe you will find your something in common with what Ryan went through. I did. I just could never have expressed it as well as he so aptly has. And, as well, he speaks well of his mentor, Vernon.

Please have a read over at Proclaiming the Truth. Be gripped and encouraged.


  1. Amen! Praise God for brother Vernon -


  2. Thank you, Paul, for spreading my essay. It is an encouragement I desperately needed, as I generally receive no response to my writing and certainly no recognition. I have gone seasons without jotting a word due to a lack of audience. So thank you again for this as well as your kind comment on Vernon's blog. God bless you.

    -Ryan Ensor

  3. Lord bless you, Ryan. I use what talent God has given me and return it to Him in His service for His glory. (I hope you are good at taking hints as you are at writing.) ;)

  4. I long to take a cross and do this. I have been praying for the Lord to help me get the money to get a cross so that I may stand for Him and proclaim His gospel.

    1. TSD,

      You have two options for a cross: 1) Vernon Costolo in Georgia makes them at cost (non-profit) and mails it to you OR, 2) you can make your own like I did. I made mine for a grand total of 7 dollars. And I'm not a wood worker guy.

      Here's how...

      Lord bless you,