Saturday, January 5, 2013


Full time evangelists Mike Stockwell and Robert S. Gray have touched down in Montego Bay, Jamaica, for the 4th annual Cross Country Evangelism Mission to Jamaica.

Joining these two intrepid gospel harbingers at the onset is fellow evangelist, Christopher Sippley, of Jeremiah Cry Ministries, four people from his home church in New Brunswick, Canada, and Don Karns . By mid January a dozen more labourers for the Lord shall arrive to join in and help out on this important mission where Christ is preached, exalted and glorified in the public squares of Montego Bay and beyond.

No sooner did the first part of the team arrive on Thursday, despite the fatigue from their travels that day, did they hit the streets and begin to powerfully preach the gospel in a place called Sam Sharpe Square, where people not only heard the gospel but many received gospel tracts and many went home with a free Bible.

The posted video of last year's Jamaica outreach is just a small glimpse of the kind of hard work they are doing there for the sake of the gospel. Please, be in prayer for this year's effort not only for those who will be diligently presenting the gospel on the streets and market places, but also that many may respond favourably to the hearing and receiving of God's word via open air preaching, the public reading of Scripture, the handing out of gospel tracts and Bibles, and the many gospel conversations that result from their presence there.

"(Jesus) said to them: 'Go out into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.' " - Mark 16:15

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  1. Amen brother. Prayers going up for the duration of their time there -