Thursday, September 22, 2011


Last week at a National Democratic Party caucus retreat, former NDP leader Jack Layton's widow, Olivia Chow, presented the interim party leader, Nycole Turmel, with two eagle feathers that had belonged to Layton.

Chow presented the feathers, one of them blessed by a native Haida elder, saying they were "very sacred" to Layton. "He used these feathers to guide his decision-making", Chow told the caucus, adding that she hopes they will now give Turmel 'the wisdom and the strength' to lead the party until a permanent leader is chosen in March.  Chow closed by invoking the spirit of Layton to "guide us, now and in the future."

That all seems sincere and spiritual, but the truth is:

1) Feathers are not sacred. Feathers are, for lack of a better word, feathers.

2) Trusting in created feathers (instead of the God who created them) in attempt to help people make any kind of decision in life is a form of idolatry which God hates and which will only continue to guide the practitioners of such sin on the road to eternal hell.

3) Feathers have no power to give anybody "wisdom and strength" to do anything, let alone provide guidance. They're just feathers, beautifully and masterfully designed by God enabling birds to fly. 

4) Invoking the spirit of a dead person to guide those left behind is again a form of idolatry and, therefore, sinful. A dead person is not deity.  A dead person cannot be prayed to. A dead person has no power  And feathers have no more power than that of a dead person. A dead person is just that: dead!

The god(s) of pagan spirituality, or any religion that does not ascribe to the gospel of Jesus Christ, is not the God of the Bible. The two cannot co-exist. No person can embrace or practice pagan spirituality and try to harmonize it with biblical Christianity. God makes Himself perfectly clear in the Scriptures that He does not tolerate any form of idolatry, no matter how small, subtle or sincere. He severely punished the Israelites on many occasions for this grievous offence.

The Book of Hebrews in the Bible states that God has appointed man to die once and after that to face judgment. Judgement Day will see the reuniting of the body with the soul. Then, depending on whether or not the person's faith was in Christ for salvation before death, or in other words, whether or not the person was a genuine born again Christian, the individual will spend a conscious eternity in only one of two places: heaven or hell.

There is only one way to God. If that were not so, then Jesus was lying when He said, " I am the way and the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me." - John 14:6

"But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned." - Galatians 1:8

There is, therefore, only one true gospel. All others are false. All ties to false gospels, like feathers and invoking the spirits of dead people, leave sinful and deceived people in the state they were born in: condemned

Relying on feathers, or any man made object, in order to seek blessing and special favour is an abomination to the one true God, our Creator. But most people are very comfortable with a man-made god as it will never call them into account nor deliver eternal consequences for their sins. They could not as these gods simply do not exist.

Idolaters are, as found in Corinthians 6:9 and in Revelation 21:8, on the Lord's list of sinners whose place will be in the eternal lake of fire come Judgment Day. 

What idolaters need is the gospel truth that they may be saved from their sins and just punishment. But in order for them to receive the gospel truth, they must be presented with the gospel by someone who has already heard it, believed it, repented and has put their trust in Christ as their Saviour. Who is going to do that?

The job is yours, Christian. 

You know you have been commissioned by Jesus to "go out into all the world and preach the good news." You know you have been called to be an ambassador for Christ, no matter the cost. You know you have the answer to what the truth is. You know that you cannot keep this precious gift to yourself and not share it with someone who is as needy today as you once were before receiving the gospel and coming to faith in Jesus.

God has equipped His people with all the tools necessary to turn sinners like rebellious idolaters into sinners saved by grace, faithful believers in the Lord, Christ Jesus; saved and bound for Heaven.

Go! Go now, while there is still time and try to convince those who trust in the created rather than the Creator, that feathers always has been and always will be for the birds. 

"And there is no God apart from me, a righteous God and a Saviour; there is none but me. Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth. For I am God, and there is no other." - Isaiah 45:21-22 


  1. Excellent post! I enjoyed reading it and as to where the Lord has me in my spiritual journey right now is "looking on the inside" to discover the "gods" or "idols" I have within my sanctuary "temple" know thoughts and opinions that I bow down to regularly being that I deserve better than this "cicumstance"...if God is Sovereign < and He is > then as with Job, did he not allow this "circumstances" to come forth to reveal to me the "secret faults" as David prayed, that hinders my journey! I believe that as I continue to move forward in my Spiritual Growth that the sinners that you minister to will see the change...sinners as in the world I live in...Walmart, Work place, and those even found sitting on the pews at church.
    Truly enjoyed your post is so true how that mankind clings to everything and anything trying to find wisdom and strength....BUT it is found only ONE place, and in ONE being!

  2. Good points, Rhonda.

    Even we, the redeemed, must always be careful to examine ourselves on a regular basis as to what kind of idols might have slipped into our life, conciously or subconciously, that we would be quick to repent and re-establish ourselves on the narrow path set out for us to walk on in our journey to Heaven.

    Thanks for dropping by. God bless you.