Friday, July 29, 2011


One of the many ways we spread the gospel is by "car tagging" with our gospel tracts. 

When we go on our walks or when we go shopping, for example, anywhere where parked cars may be found sleeping, we slide a gospel tract under the driver's side front window wiper as we walk by.

I am sure there are those car owners who are genuinely relieved when they realize it's not a parking ticket. Then I am sure there are those who, after reading the tract, would have rather had a parking ticket.

Not long ago, Kim and I were driving home through our neighborhood when, at the same time, we saw a license plate on a parked car on the side of the road and we couldn't believe our eyes. Here's what we saw:

We laughed and pulled our car over as  knew exactly what we had to do:

Our glove compartment is always loaded with a variety of gospel tracts ready for any opportunity to hand out or leave somewhere. Our homemade "Are You Ready" gospel tract was the obvious choice here. It was just the right thing to do.

Oh, what fun there can be in evangelizing! And thankfully, as always, we were ready for the unexpected. 


  1. WHere can I purchase those "Are you Ready " tracts? We enjoy doing the same here!

  2. Right here at The Word Street Journal. FREE! Well, that's until you bring the ready-to-print file I will send you to Staples to have them printed up for you. I'll be sending them to you via e-mail this weekend some time. Have done the same already for about 30 others across the States. Thanks, Lee!