Sunday, April 24, 2011


Kim made four new crosses this long weekend, custom made for our use today on the streets of Ottawa. Today of any day, Resurrection Sunday, is a day to proclaim the name of Jesus in the public square.

Four of us will be heading out to stand with our crosses later today at a busy intersection just a couple of blocks down from our church, one on each corner. Two others will be with us to hand out tracts to passing pedestrians. All glory and honour to God our Savior!

Christ has died. Christ is risen! Christ will come again!!


  1. Paul & Kim,

    Praying for your evangelistic efforts today (really, I'm keeping an eye on the time, so I can be praying for this throughout the day). May many hear the gospel today and bend their knee to Jesus Christ, who is worthy of such honor.

  2. Thank you for your prayers, Katrina. Thank you for your encouragement. Jesus IS all worthy of such honor. All glory goes to Him and Him alone!
    The Lord's richest blessings to you and Greg this Resurrection Sunday, dear sister.

    Christ has died! Christ is risen!! Christ will come again!!!

  3. Praying Brother!! I've been to that cross factory in Ottawa! :-)

  4. Your efforts are glorifying the Lord Jesus.I prayed for a soul to be saved through your proclaiming the gospel today.

  5. ...He has risen indeed!!!

    May the power of His resurrection bring many more souls into His fold as you and your team continue proclaiming the Good News.

    If you have them, I would love to see more picts of the new crosses Kim made.

    dede <><

  6. Stay tuned, dede! I'm hoping to have a video up in the next few days. Real busy these days (praise the Lord). Getting ready for a major college witness blitz this Friday. Prayers appeciated. Keep watchin'! Blessings to you and thanks! :)