Friday, March 11, 2011


Well, the St Patrick's Day parade is upon us tomorrow.

Several of us from our church will be heading out to hand out a large amount of homemade St Patrick's Day gospel tracts. Hopefully, we will be able to engage receivers in gospel conversations, as well. And if the circumstances point to some open air preaching, that will be on the agenda, too.

The tract was a breeze to create. A bit of internet graphic of a leprechaun, some shamrocks and a simple question all put together on Photoshop. The gospel text was printed for the back. Files were made and brought to Staples. They printed it on green card stock and, voila, 1000 gospel tracts ready to go.

And so are we.

Note: click on the text if you would like to read it clearly. 


  1. Cant wait to hear all about!! May many hear and believe!!

  2. Great job, Paul. I'm excited to hear the reports. You and your team and being prayed for.