Friday, October 8, 2010


This just in:

Our sources have received word from the front that an army of 2 American soldiers, yes, all both of them, are presently crossing the US border into Canada. They are not soldiers as we know soldiers. They happen to be loyal soldiers of the King, the Son of the Most High! Soldiers of the cross. Soldiers of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

It is reported they are heavily armed with a cache of weaponry consisting of Bibles (said to be sharper than two edged swords) and, reportedly, about 10,000 gospel tracts. They have been identified only as 'Vernon', from West Virginia and 'Sean', from Florida.

Their mission: to preach the scandalous, some say "downright dangerous", gospel of Jesus Christ on the downtown streets of 3 major Canadian cities within a period of a week.

Our informers believe they will be spending this weekend on the streets of Toronto preaching the gospel in the open air, handing out gospel tracts and speaking with passersby on a one-to-one basis.

On Monday they are supposed to move on to Ottawa, Canada's capital, where they will be utilizing the same tactics with some military assistance from certain Canadian allies already infiltrated there.

They plan to leave Ottawa for Montreal on Friday. Apparently, they will not open air preach there due to fact they have not been trained to speak in the city's predominant language of French. Instead, their mission is to hand out 4,000 French gospel tracts to French Canadians in the downtown core.

Added to their strategic arsenal to be used in Montreal is a wooden cross with a question on it that asks "Etes-Vous Pret?", which when translated into English means "Are You Ready?" Following their assault on Montreal, they head back over the US border and to their home base again.

Though just an army of two, do not underestimate the power in which their weaponry can yeild. The King whom they serve is always with them in Spirit. The strength of this particular mission raid has the potential to turn untold numbers of peoples' hearts from stone into flesh, bringing them to their knees in repentance and saving faith and claiming their own allegiance to Jesus Christ from there on in.

Despite some expected resistance, it is said that these two faithful soldiers are
supported, motivated and encouraged to press on with the public proclamation of the gospel on these urban Canadian battlegrounds by the heartfelt prayers of fellow faithful comrades who are safe in the confines of their homes and churches.

Further updates as they come in.

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  1. Very creatively written, Paul. Love it. I'm looking forward to the updates. Because of your blog, I'm a big fan of Vernon, his gang of evangelizing friends, and the Proclaiming the Truth blog. Have fun (as I'm sure you and Kim will be involved in this adventure at some point)! I'll be praying for you all.

  2. Nice Paul... Loved reading that.. Take care of my Buddy Vernon...

  3. Thank you Katrina and Dad for your kind words of encourgement. Your prayers are coveted and appreciated.

    Don't worry about your buddy, Vernon, there Dan. He's in good hands. To his blessing, they're not mine. :)