Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Am I ready? That's a good question.

If you have been following Tony Miano, of The Lawman Chronicles blogsite lately, you will already be familiar with his newest (ad)venture in evangelism: a four foot tall cross he carries on the street with the question "Are You Ready" emblazoned on the cross beam.

After reading Tony's first installment regarding the AYR cross on July 12, I was immediately taken in. It was all I thought about for two days and nights.

I thought of the possibilities, the opportunities and the many different places where it could be utilized. I thought of how it could stand on its own as a thought provoking tool to hundreds, if not thousands, who pass by in traffic and on nearby sidewalks.

I thought of how it could draw people to the carrier to respond to the question with the obvious question: "Ready for what?". I thought of how it could open the door to gospel conversations with curious souls.

The more I read of Tony's cross experiences on his blog, the more I realized that everything I thought about regarding how effective this could be was coming true.

Then it struck me that the reason why I thought about this more than anything else in the last while was because the Lord was calling me do the same. I was convinced that's why the concept was stuck in my head like a bad song.

Gulp! I prayed and asked the Lord if this was something He wanted me to do. It seemed like I opened my eyes and found myself standing in the lumber aisle at The Home Depot. I guess I got my answer.

I bought a 7 foot plank of red cedar for a whopping 7 bucks. I had it cut to measure. I went home, got out some white paint and a brush and spent a whopping 7 minutes painting the big question "ARE YOU READY" on the cross beam.

Yesterday, I spent another few minutes giving the boards a light sanding and rounded the edges in the process. And, of course, I couldn't help but think that the Romans who lumbered the cross that Jesus was to hang on didn't go to any length to make it comfortable for Him. His already beaten and torn body was nailed to a cross of sharp edges, coarse surface, needle sharp slivers and all.

Oh, how our Savior suffered for us!

My wife, Kim, has since applied a couple of coats of clear matte varnish on the boards and I hope to bolt them together today. As I plan to transport this cross to various locations in our car, on the bus, on my bike, I came up with an idea to bolt the cross in such a way that it would be collapsible for easier portability.

The fact that I thought of that is a miracle in itself as I am the farthest thing from a "handyman" as any man can get. Kim was impressed. Well, maybe more like astounded.

I hope to begin my cross witness adventures this weekend if all goes according to plan. And, of course, I plan to document my experience in The Word Street Journal.

I am praying this will be, as it has been for Tony, an effective and worthwhile evangelistic excercise (albeit looking like a fool to most, but who cares?) that will cause people to think of their stance before God and cause others to approach to ask: "Ready for what?"

And I hope this might be a source of encouragement and inspiration for others in harvest field of street evangelism, as Tony's example has been to me.

Am I ready?
For eternity? By the grace of God, I am. Hallelujah!

Am I ready? To stand in public as a fool for Christ with a questioning cross that will make people think and that could lead others to hear how they, too, can be ready for eternity? Give me a couple of days and I will be.

In the meantime, if you are a Christian, I would covet your prayers in this added venture of street evangelism ministry.

With praise to God, I give thanks for Tony, his humble obedience to the Lord in ministry and for sharing his stories. He got me thinking. The Lord got me going.

Link from here to read how Tony was inspired with this clever idea and, with some help from his wife, Mahria, made it a reality. And from here to read how effective this cross tool can be.


  1. " I was immediately taken in. It was all I thought about for two days and nights."

    Argggggg - ME TOO!!!!!!!!!

    Please let me know the diminsions.....not in metric please ;) of the cross.

    I'm in too!

  2. Excellent, Wayne!

    Methinks what I'll do is write up a post on the "no-brainer-non-rocket-science" means of putting a collapsable cross together complete with dimensions and all. This from the non-carpenter of all time! :)

    This is good!

  3. It was blessing to read this post, brother. I look forward to reading about what our Lord does to and through you as you carry your cross. :-)

  4. I received this e-mail from Ryan in North Carolina. Looks like people are getting interested.

    RYAN said:

    Just read your post on A Cross In The Making and I was wondering if you would share exactly how you made it. I, too, in reading Tony's blog on his cross, God seemed to have burdened me about doing the same. I can't seem to shake this burden. Anyways, I was just wondering what your measurements are and how and what you used to bolt the two together. I'm not a handyman either so thank you for your help.

    In Christ,

    (Read my response to Wayne above. Thanks, Ryan.)

  5. Tonight and EVERY Friday and Sat night until the first of November our local "Christians" are putting on a "Hunted House". Last night we gave out million dollar bills and shared Christ with some teenagers. I got screamed at by the lady that runs it, telling me I am "No Christian because she is one and what I am doing is against God." Interesting way of looking at it. They decided my car needed to be bathed in a fresh SUPER SIZED Coke, still don't know why God wanted to let them put Coke on His car like that. Oh well it washed off easily enough. Tonight, I go with a BIG cross that I worked on all night. "Are You Ready" will be walking all around out there with tracts as well of course and a LOT of love for them. Maybe tonight the cops she called will actually come, maybe they wont but I wont be moved and I WILL love them all the same. They are blinded as I once was so horribly. Please pray God opens their eyes to the truth of His saving Grace before it is to late. Ronald Godwin Class #9 and LOVED every minute of it Tony. Thank you and all the folks with Way of the Master. PS. How do you get all these "Saved" people to actually have a desire to share Christ? NO ONE will come out with me. NO ONE in this town does ANY ministry outside the churches. Please pray, I need help. BLessings all.

  6. Bought a cross at Target in their Halloween section. Made from resin, but looks like aged wood. $24.99 list, but on sale for $17.99. If you hurry, they will be even cheaper Sunday morning after Halloween. But, then they'll be gone for another year.