Monday, June 1, 2009


Evangelical Doctrinaphobia: the fear of teaching the fear of God.

"The look and sound of the church has changed considerably over the years, growing and evolving as it meets the needs of it's community."

So begins a mini-documentary produced by Christian TV program 100 Huntley Street about a major documentary produced by Global TV which was aired across Canada last week. It's aptly titled "Hip 2 B Holy".

Global's documentary is a look at the growing number of people who are being drawn into "churches" in Canada that appeal to their senses, emotions and other felt needs via what the hip and modern seeker-senstive evangelical movement has to offer them.

"What we do is very strategic in that we try to take the easiest, the most obvious and the most culturally relevant way we can to move people from a place of being curious about God to being in a real relationship with Jesus" says one Rob Bell look-a-like leader.

A hoodied "youth pastor who incorporates music and dance into his ministry" claims "I don't have to be afraid to say that I believe in Jesus. But I do have to wrestle with the ramifications of what people think that means."

I'm not judging the hearts of the church leaders profiled here. Nor have I seen Global TV's documentary in whole (we're not hooked up to local, cable or satellite TV here at home). But this mini-doc about this major-doc revealed enough for me to conclude that their Sunday services looked more like self-glorifying MTV than God-glorifying churches.

I could go on, but I'll just let this 10 minute presentation speak for itself.
Be forewarned: this is sad state of affairs, not unlike what is happening south of the border in the USA in these present times.

I have to ask: Does this not make it obvious that we need more true Christians than ever before to step out of their comfort zone, make themselves visible and audible in the public square and allow an opportunity for "seekers" to find the truth in true gospel being preached? How long do we have to wait before the workers are no longer few? The ones who are seeking are seeking truth! Shall we just sit and wait for them to come knocking on our church doors? (Matt 9:37-38)

Jesus commands us to take the initiative and seek the seekers. What part of "GO" do we not understand in Jesus' giving of the Great Commission?

Let's be out there on the streets and catch them before they are drawn to and find false comfort in places where only felt needs are met; where their ears are tickled; where they are entertained; where eternal life giving doctrines like God's holiness, man's sinfulness, hell, the saving work of Christ on the cross, repentance and faith are only miniscule sidenotes of their services, if anything at all.

(For a good list of what to look for in a church , check out Robert Tewart's blog at and scroll down one post to May 31st.)

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